Virtual Consult Center

Coming from far away?

No problem! Inkstheticare Clinic is organized to be able to offer you a virtual consultation available to anyone residing more than 25 miles from our location!

Speak with one of our consultants

When you book a virtual consult, one of our consultants will gather information about your requested procedure so as to assist in tasks such as evaluating your unique situation, gathering evaluation materials, and scheduling your procedure!

Be in person with us from the comfort of your own home

Let Inkstheticare Clinic make your trip efficient! Get answers to your questions, basic evaluations completed, and discuss your concerns ahead of time, so when you come, we are all ready to start!

3D Areola Tattooing

Your Areola Reconstruction Virtual Consult

During this consultation, your consultant will be asking a series of questions with the aim of learning about your breast health history with the aim of determining how best to approach your procedure and what procedure will be best-suited.

The format of this consultation will be via skype interview, and at the conclusion of the procedure you will be asked to provide via email a set of "before" pictures, which will be used to ascertain the start point of what approach may be taken, should your case be a candidate for reconstructive tattooing.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Your Tattoo Removal Virtual Consult

During your consultation, your consultant will be asking you a series of questions about your tattoo. They will include our six-axis questionnaire (Kirby-Desai Scale) in which you will be asked about your skin, the location of your tattoo, the colors involved, whether or not there is scarring present, how much density is there, and whether or not you have gotten cover-up or touch-up work done.

The second phase of your consultation will involve submitting "before" pictures so as to provide a baseline of how your tattoo looks, which will be referenced throughout your treatment.

Anatomic Simulation Tattooing

Your Anatomic Simulation Virtual Consult

This consultation will focus on the aesthetic feature you want modified. You will be asked about how the area of concern took place (if applicable) and specifically what your goals are.

With the case of scar cover-up, it will be necessary to know about how old the scar is, and if any procedures have been done in that area.

Lastly, you will be requested to provide pictures of the affected area for procedural planning purposes.

Special Requests

Your Special Request Virtual Consult

Need a service that is not listed but wish to see if we can accommodate?

During this consult, you will be put in one-on-one contact with one of our consultants to discuss any aesthetic request you may have. It is usually much faster to contact us with a few details regarding your needs, but if they can possibly be met, a consultation would be the next step!