Waterstreet Body Art Clinic by Inkstheticare

Traditional Tattooing in a Clinic

Inkstheticare Clinic for Laser and Reconstructive Medical Tattooing prides itself off of our unique set of versatile services, owned and run by advanced medical professionals. 

At times, patients may wish to camouflage a scar, aesthetic imperfection, or even embellish upon an existing tattoo that no longer creates satisfaction without having to commit to long-term laser therapy or complex surgical procedures.

Our Body Art Gallery

Inkstheticare Clinic has founded its sister establishment, Waterstreet Body Art Clinic, in which traditional approaches to some of our procedures can be sought in a setting held to medical standards as per State health department regulations.

Coming Soon...

We are currently in the process of developing Inkstheticare's dedicated body art facility with trained and qualified body art staff to bring you the first-of-its-type Body Art Clinic that puts traditional-style body art within a clinic setting at our highest standard of care!

The Books Are Open!

Inkstheticare Body Art Gallery is currently undergoing multiple exciting developments, but check back periodically for updates. We are currently booking appointments for when we are open for service, so feel free to book a consultation with your ideas and see how Inkstheticare can start your road to a new beginning, with a flare!