The Final Round

Dr. Ramos, one of the nation's only physicians with licensed in traditional tattooing and certified in 3D reconstruction brings the procedure to Channelside in Tampa, FL!

About The Final Round

What is The Final Round?

So-named from the fact that 3D Areola Reconstruction represents the final phase of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, "The Final Round" is a non-profit effort available to 10 breast reconstruction patients with the aim of offering access to this procedure and to provide survivors with a new start, all of whom have the option to be featured in this year's portfolio!

Why are procedures in "The Final Round" offered in a Non-Profit model?

Many patients who could live the true benefits of feeling complete find themselves limited by financial means, as some insurances claim this procedure is "cosmetic." Other patients simply do not have health insurance, or are experiencing financial hardships from battling cancer. The staff at Inkstheticare Clinic find much fulfillment in allowing these patients to have access to this life-changing procedure in a way that does not depend on financial means.

How are patients selected for "The Last Round"?

Patient selection is on a "first come first serve" basis. The only way to guarantee a spot is to book early.

What does the procedure involve?

Much like a classic tattoo, a tattoo machine is used to re-create a three-dimensional, photorealistic-appearing areola-nipple complex that boasts the benefits over surgical nipple reconstruction of both avoiding an additional surgery and avoiding the problem of having nipples constantly appearing contracted through clothing.

A major benefit to add is that, when viewed directly, a healed, well-reconstructed areola-nipple tattoo will appear real, even within inches of field of view, which provides immense psychological benefits to patients and their families!

Who will be doing my procedure?

Patients who undergo this procedure in the "Last Round" program will have it completed by Dr. Carlos F. Ramos Jr., MD-one of the nation's only physicians who is formally licensed and apprenticed in tattooing, as well as specialty-trained in the procedure by Sauler Institute of Perelman School of Medicine in UPenn.

How do I book?

Call 813-220-0171 to book a free consultation. Alternatively, you can book through our webpage by going to "Patient resources" and selecting "Book Online".