What is Picogenesis?

Picogenesis is a program on the most advanced laser therapy platform in production! With Picogenesis, clear skin is finally within reach! Painless and quick, Picogenesis will help clear sunspots, melasma, and other blemishes of the skin with minimal discomfort and down-time.

Can Picogenesis cause scarring?

Due to the very low settings in which a laser is used for this indication, Picogenesis is not commonly associated with scarring.

What things do I need to know about Picogenesis before getting treatment?

Excellent question! Seeing as Picogenesis is a laser therapy, it is important that Picogenesis patients doe not wear makeup, ointments, creams, lotions, spray tans, or any other product on their face. 

Likewise, Picogenesis can not be performed on inflamed skin due to the risk of damage and possible scarring that can take place if this is not observed.

Lastly, advise your consultant about any medications you may be taking, namely Accutane, which may cause adverse reactions while undergoing laser treatment.

Can Picogenesis clear 100% of my skin pigmentation?

Results vary widely with regards to genetics, sun exposure, and health history. Picogenesis is among the most powerful platforms on the market, delivering real results! Like anything else, once a patient undergoes treatment, it is advisable to continue common daily skin care, including the frequent use of sun block.

How many treatments are required to clear my skin with Picogenesis?

While individual results may vary widely, Picogenesis can show improvement in as little as three sessions or less!

How many treatments it would take to clear the skin is something that is observed as treatments go, and each individual has different goals in terms of extent of clearance.

How can I determine how many treatments I will need?

Book a free consultation to have basic questions asked and skin evaluated for Picogenesis. Our consultant will provide you with an evaluation, an estimate of treatments, and a quote with no obligation or pressure to pursue treatment.

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