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In the recent years, 3D Areola Reconstruction has become greatly sought after with only a hand-full of providers producing results at the current standard of care. 

Likewise, a countless number of med-spas  across the nation are offering laser tattoo removal services among the gamut of other services they offer, with only a hand full of nationally recognized experts in the procedure.

At Inkstheticare Clinic, we believe strongly in the quality of our craft, and aim to alleviate the difficulty in gaining access to these specialized services! As such, we can help!

Call one of our staff members today to and ask about our out-of-town package including details on accommodations, air fare, cost of procedure, materials, and follow-up for one easy, straight-forward price unique to your specific needs! 

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To find out more about our hotel accommodations, travel packages, and customized treatment plans, give one of our staff members a call today for an estimate and virtual consult!

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Why not book some entertainment during your stay? We are currently contracting with a few of our partners to bring you exclusive access to luxurious, relaxing lodging at an affordable price!

Explore the many options Tampa Bay has to offer, and check back periodically for updates on lodging options.

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