Anatomic Simulation Tattoo Reconstruction

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What is Anatomic Simulation

Sometimes, either by birth, unfortunate accident, or even by chance, individuals may possess unique characteristics of their anatomy that they are not quite content with. Examples of this may be an amputated finger with no nail, two toes that are fused together, or even the loss of a belly button following an abdominal procedure. 

With anatomic simulation tattoo reconstruction, a photorealistic tattoo artist can reconstruct a normal-appearing anatomic structure by manipulating shades, color-matching, and light sources to re-create the illusion of that structure and make for a more normal-looking appearance.

I heard tattoos fade over time. Can this happen with Anatomic simulation?

Any tattoo can fade if over-exposed to the sun. The good news however is that with high-quality ink and with good care, tattoos will last a lifetime. To add to the package, Inkstheticare will provide touch-ups free of charge.

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What is the difference between getting this done in a clinic versus a tattoo shop?

Simply that Inkstheticare Clinic specializes in medical tattooing and a closer emphasis is placed on how body structures grow and develop from a scientific standpoint so as to give as natural an appearance as possible. 

Since this procedure is considered medical tattooing, is it more expensive than at a tattoo shop?

Not at all. The price of the procedure will vary by case and what needs to be done, but typically they can range from about $50 to about $250 or more depending the nature of the reconstruction. Pricing for this service closely resembles that of an average cost tattoo establishment.

How do I know if I am a candidate for Anatomic Simulation Tattooing?

Book a free consultation with one of our medical tattoo artists today! It will take about fifteen minutes and you will have your quote, every detail you need, as well as your appointment.

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