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Clinical & Reconstructive Aesthetic Perforations

Erin "Sunshine" Brito, Clinical Piercing Artist

Pioneering a novel clinical craft, piercing artist Erin C. Brito was recently contracted by Inkstheticare Clinic for Laser & Reconstructive Medical Tattooing, who marveled at her innovative work in clinical piercing.

Breaking ground as the first of her type, Erin quickly created widespread excitement in the medical aesthetics industry when she began to take special interest in navel reconstruction for those who no longer appeared to have a belly button following complex abdominal surgeries. 

With her skillful use of both contemporary and traditional piercing techniques, she resonates with the Inkstheticare mission by being part of how we give back a part of what has been lost!

Featured on multiple major media networks, Erin was approached by Medical Director, Dr. Ramos, who brought an interest in revolutionizing his practice in Body Art Medicine by bringing Erin on board, and she is now a pillar of the Inkstheticare Team!

Sunshine Piercings

Due to her extraordinary dexterity, unforgettable bedside manner, and meticulous training on a spectrum clinical topics, Erin receives patients and clients even from out-of-state who seek her work! 

All of Erin's piercings are done in a clinic setting, and even beyond her clinical reconstructive work with our highly-sought clinic, she offers traditional piercing services at our feature body art gallery, which thanks to her ground-breaking work has quickly gained popularity with her feature program, Sunshine Piercings!

The Best in the Business

Leadership in Quality & Sterile Practice

Erin is one of the nation's leaders in promoting expert piercing practices, which discourage "piercing guns" used at local jewelry kiosks and accessory stores due to the unsterile conditions their use poses.

Protecting your health is our Priority at Inkstheticare Clinic and hiring the very best staff is our commitment to your health!

Specialty Focus in Children's Piercings

One of the very first experiences a child has in the realm of body art is their first piercing! Erin takes a very closely held specialty focus in making this experience a positive imprint in their lives by delivering the most nurturing and sterile service available to children in the Tampa Bay Area!

Medical Grade Cleaning Products

Erin's piercing services have grown exponentially in the recent past and is currently sponsored and supported by our medical team to produce her own line of cleaning products to add that extra armor of protection to your new body art! 

Coming soon...

Procedures & Pricing

Disclaimer: Piercings are referred to as clinical due to the potential for aesthetic and cosmetic improvement that may be noted with their use. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or otherwise "cure" any disease or disorder. Any evidence to the latter is deemed purely anecdotal by Inkstheticare Laser & Body Art Clinic, which makes no claim to the contrary.

Sunshine Piercings by Erin Brito