Artistic Breast Reconstruction

About Artistic Breast Reconstruction

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What is Artistic Breast Reconstruction?

In short, it is the last step in breast reconstruction after mastectomy. The procedure involves using highly-specialized tattooing techniques with medical-grade machines to essentially tattoo a photorealistic nipple and areola that appears both up-close and from a distance like a real nipple and areola!

Who gets Artistic Breast Reconstruction?

Our patients are almost all breast cancer survivors. Usually it is a patient who due to breast cancer underwent mastectomy (removal of the breast tissue) and often times reconstruction with implantation and at times, surgical nipple reconstruction. The problem is that while this may appear normal, patients are often afflicted by the notion that their bodies do not appear normal. This can cause very distressing problems such as a compromised self-image, and at times even decreased interest in intimacy with partners.

Who Will Be Doing My Procedure?

Your procedure will be done directly by Dr. Ramos with assistance from his team. His is one of the only practicing physicians in the nation who is licensed and formally apprenticed in tattooing by a master tattoo artist and subspecialized by University of Pennsylvania's very own Sauler Institute specifically in this procedure. It will consist of a consultation directly by the physician, an evaluation for approach, color-matching, and completion of the procedure with a 2-week follow-up to ensure perfection.

Is My Insurance Accepted for This Procedure

In most cases, yes. Since the procedure is done by a physician credentialed with several insurances, it is likely that we do accept your insurance to have this done. While some insurances authorize the procedure, others may not, but a letter of medical necessity will be issued to qualifying patients that can be submitted to insurance for authorization. We also encourage to discuss your plans to undergo this procedure with your reconstructive surgeon if applicable.

How do I go About Scheduling my Appointment?

This can be done fast and easy! If you have questions or would like to be seen before deciding, you can take advantage of our free consultation service, which can be instantly scheduled at our 24/7 scheduling portal under patient resources. Alternatively, you can give us a call at (813) 220-0171 where one of our friendly staff members can help you open your door to a new beginning!

How Can I Learn More About Areola Reconstruction?

For more in-depth information as to the details of Artistic Breast Reconstruction, visit our feature blog page, "Beyond the Needle: A Doctor's Perspective" where you will find a wealth of information at your disposal! Simply click the link below:

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